The Gym Fitness Club has been providing members with a premium health and fitness club for over 26 years and is conveniently located only minutes from downtown Calgary. At The Gym Fitness Club, your health is our top priority!


We have enhanced safety and sanitation measures in place at our facility.

Our members overall physical and mental wellness are extremely important so we provide an environment to take away stress, decrease anxiety, and increase your overall positive energy. The Gym Fitness Club gives its members a mix of everything they need in a fitness club. Along with the standard strength and cardio equipment, the facility also provides  personal training, a private ladies only,  juice bar, tanning, saunas, massage, tattoo and a supplement store. We are open 7 days a week for your convenience with a wide variety of membership packages.


If you are looking for comfort, value, convenience, experience and a gym to call home, look no further than The Gym Fitness Club. 

Weight Lifting Equipment


The Gym Fitness Club has a huge weight lifting area. We provide our members with the best equipment in the industry including Life Fitness and Hammer Strength. The Gym has 2 levels for members with everything from squat racks, dumbbells, plate loaded equipment to cables, a deadlift platform and circuit area.


Using weights is the best way to strengthen your muscles, burn calories, and build a better body. Our full line of weights includes something for the heavy lifter as well as the circuit trainer. Dumbbell weights range from 5 lbs to 130lbs for heavy lifters 

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Mega Cardio Area


The Gym supplies many cardio machines with exactly what you need to burn fat, break a serious sweat, and enhance your overall endurance during indoor workouts.


Our cardio machines include:


-Upright bikes 

-Recumbent bikes


-Stair masters 

-Spin bikes

Women's Only Area


Our women’s only section provides a friendly, non-intimidating, ideal space to workout, without the ogling and distraction that is often associated with co-ed facilities. In today's day and age, women of all shapes, sizes, cultures, religions and backgrounds are seeking places to get fit and healthy. The Gym welcomes all our ladies to try out the Ladies Only Gym section.


The gym is designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible as we know sometimes it can feel daunting. The ladies only area offers you a conscious free environment and is a great place to make friends and focus on achieving your health and fitness goals.

Juice Bar


The Gym Fitness Clubs juice bar includes a wide variety of food choices including smoothies, wraps, breakfast sandwiches and more. We believe that you get out what you put in, and we only put in premium fruit, fresh veggies, unsweetened juices and whole food benefits.


We believe that healthy should taste good and feel good too. A healthy and balanced lifestyle should be affordable and accessible for anyone who desires to embrace it. 

Image by Allef Vinicius


The Gym Fitness Club has a 20 min Sundash tanning bed and allows members to purchase short and long term tanning packages. 

Indoor tanning allows you to get exposure to UV for a sort period of time at any time of day, even at night.


One of the main benefits of indoor tanning versus outdoor tanning is that regular doses of ultraviolet light are given to you in a controlled environment that suits your schedule. 

Dry Sauna


The use of saunas for stress relief, relaxation, and health promotion have been around for decades. Some studies now even point to better heart health with regular use of a dry sauna.

The many benefits of a dry sauna include: 

-Positive impact on heart health

-Reduced symptoms of rheumatic diseases

-Better exercise performance

-Relief from certain skin conditions

-Fewer symptoms of asthma

-Lower risk of dementia

Supplement Store


The Gym Fitness Club has quality  and trusted vitamins, multivitamins and supplements for working out, staying healthy and achieving goals. Shop the broadest selection of supplements at The Gym. We carry everything from protein powders, pre workouts and weight gainers to water bottles, workout gear and more. Come into The Gym today it’s your one stop shop. 

Devine Emerald Ink  


Devine Emerald Ink located in The Gym Fitness Club is an individual, female run business that specializes in blackwork as well as black and grey tattoos.


The shop places a high priority on safety, cleanliness and hygiene. Machines and accessories are sterilized after every use and we use AHS approved single use/ disposable needles. Call The Gym Fitness Club to book today.  

Visit sinah_altamimi on Instagram or send a txt to 403-991-8562.



The Gym provides members and non members with the convenience of a massage therapist right in the facility. The powerful health benefits of massage include relief from anxiety, diabetes, heart ailments, pain, and nervous problems. Furthermore, it improves the health of the skin, blood circulation, and the functioning of the urinary and digestive systems. It also helps improve growth in infants, improve sleep, and boost immunity. We also provide direct billing, book your session today! 

MMA Bootcamp


The Gym provides members and non members with the convenience of a mixed martial arts trainer right in house twice a week.  Registration includes a full access gym membership!